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Selected Reverbnation Reviewer Comments from. 200 Listeners           8.2/10 - 99th percentile of all our crowd reviews 

” Based on the results of this study, this song is exceptional, and clearly ready for radio and promotion.”


“ This song is stunning! It's emotional, layered with feeling, the song builds in a crescendo, telling a story as it goes. I love it and was in tears by the end. I want to listen again”


“I feel like I would be hearing this song in a movie. I can see a classic couple dancing in a romantic scene in a drama, suspense type of movie. Gives me chills! I love it.”


“Man I love this song. I don't listen to classical music often but this track is super great and has a lot of re-listening value and would go great to a movie or TV show.”


“Beautiful, haunting melody that's well played and brimming with emotion, especially once the intensity grows. Would make a great soundtrack piece for a film or show.”


“This song is so deep and beautiful. I think the title fits it perfectly. This is not the type of song I would listen to lightly. I'd like to close my eyes and absorb it.”


“I loved this composition. The song was well put together. It is full of emotion and very sophisticated. The instrumentals were absolutely beautiful and well done.”


“ This song was smooth, soothing, relaxing, deep, passionate and emotional. I was moved and touched by its beauty and depth.”


“I love the piano, and the strings here are wonderful too. I could easily imagine the song on a film soundtrack.Very well composed from beginning to the end”


“A beautiful piece of art that could be used to bring either tears of joy or pain to an audience.”


“Beautiful composition. It swells with emotion and pain. I feel as though we are getting a glimpse of who the artist is.”


Comments from Conductors,Professional Musicians/Recording Artists, Friends, and Internet Listeners




Conductor Pololanik: “Nancy Your Music Inspires! That’s It!”



Conductor David Stewart Wiley: “Beautiful Music and Story”


Conductor Julian Pellicano: “ It's really beautiful. The orchestra and pianist sound amazing and the concert hall is gorgeous, and the music is very touching, very real, and obviously from the heart.  

Congratulations and I hope this recording allows many more people to hear your music. “


Hyperion Knight, Concert Pianist: “What a  beautiful piece and priceless tribute! Its wonderful that you’re able to compose such lovely music.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful inspiration with me.”



“This is gorgeous! Wow, Nancy! This is fabulous. Congratulations! Such a beautiful composition, orchestration and performance. I really really enjoyed this. “J.T , Professional NYC Jazz Pianist/Recording Artist


“A very beautiful, powerful and romantic piece. Great performance and scoring. Bravo!” B.H, professional musician


“ “It Rips Your Heartstrings Out”


“This gave me all of the feels and of course, now I am crying. Thank you for sharing! This week is the anniversary of my son’s death. Your song was an amazing gift - thank you!”


“This was written and composed by a close music friend of Richie's..we are blown away by this love letter to her late husband. Please share if you are touched, like us, on a soul level” N.G./ R.G Professional musician


“This song immediately brought tears to my eyes. No words need to be said to understand the message in this song. So beautiful !”



“From the depths of grief and love - a beautiful message is written”



“This is an amazing piece of music. You are so very talented. It was very moving and brought tears to my eyes.”



“WOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!!!! That sounds so good! You must be absolutely delighted with the results. Bravo!!!” S.C. NY Composer of Trailer Music/Film Music


“ Dan had this playing in the car recently, and I could feel every note. It was so beautiful and so moving, and then I found out it was yours! Incredible! ”


“ This is so beautiful!! So much depth! It made me feel inspired. It was very moving”


“My Departed Love”, played beautifully on piano. Again, so elegantly played with poignant moments, changes of mood and gradual, gentle, expressive introduction of Strings.

“What a Performance!”- Professional Musician


“ That is incredible! What an amazing way to honor Al. It is such a beautiful piece. Oh my gosh. I am blown away.”


“My Departed Love it simply genius beautiful, the music tells the story without words , the arrangement is simply beautiful and passionate and

so meticulously done.”



Wow!  It is so moving, I don't have words to say.  It speaks to the soul.”


“ Gorgeous music! Lovely. I love the melodic motif. Well, it is perfect as it is. Fabulous job. It would be a fantastic movie score.”


“ That was absolutely beautiful. Hauntingly beautiful in a good way. I could hear this in a movie score. A beautiful love story.

Love the strings. “


“ This is absolutely beautiful, I kept listening to it over and over.”


“ Oh my god! This is so beautiful. It made me so happy, excited and nostalgic at the same time. It really is amazing. Wow. This is so inspiring.”



“ To Me The Sounds Of Your Passion Feels Very Beautiful As I Listened To How You Felt And Feel. ,, I Loved Listening To Your Music,, And  Felt I Was Sitting There With You Hearing Your Warmth and Passion For Life”


“ Mrs Nancy this is INCREDIBLE!! I love every note of it!! What an amazing tribute to your husband.” J.J. Professional Musician, Recording Artist


There are more…….I am so thankful that it impacts people in a good way.

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